For educators

Discover a better way to teach vocabulary partners with teachers to help students master new words. We teach vocabulary so you can focus on the curriculum.

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Ready-made resources

We teach more than 16,000 words with over 242,000 questions. We've curated 13,000 vocabulary lists that align with commonly taught curriculum. From social studies textbooks like America: Pathways to Present to staples like The Great Gatsby, our resources supplement whatever you're teaching.

Mastery, not memorization

Our smart award–winning adaptive engine selects questions to systematically challenge students with words they are ready to learn. Our varied question formats teach each word's multiple meanings to help students build a deeper understanding of each word in context, rather than mere memorization.

Motivating student learning

With every activity, students gain points and achievements so they can level up in our ranks while building their word learning! Our gamified approach encourages students to flex their vocab muscles with daily exercise and inspires them to master more words, above and beyond what their teacher has assigned.

Detailed teacher dashboard

The teacher dashboard provides educators with comprehensive reporting and actionable data.

Follow each student's performance individually and see classroom trends to shape instruction decisions.

Easy administration and roll-out requires no installation, and can be implemented in your classes in minutes. We also offer professional development and resources to help you get the most out of our tools.

For schools and districts

Create a culture of word learning across your school or district. Learn more about implementing beyond the ELA classroom to benefit all students and increase achievement.

Adaptive exercises as unique as each student

Your students are all different—the way they learn vocabulary should be too. adapts to each student's vocabulary level to provide personalized instruction to all students.

Success stories from fellow educators

“ has allowed even my kids who may struggle in other areas to be successful at something.”

— David Bass, Science Teacher at Margate Middle School, Margate, FL

“I see enhancing the vocabulary of students as essential in this knowledge–based economy.”

— Kenneth Nance, Principal at Buck Lodge Middle School, Adelphi, MD

“Now I have a direct way to say what I am doing for remediation in this class — I have”

— Noel Campbell, ELA / Rhetoric Teacher at McNicol Middle School, Hollywood, FL

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