Harness the power of (friendly) competition.

It’s no secret that students who are motivated make more progress — and nothing motivates kids like a little bit of competition. That’s why has gamified word learning.

All work and all play.

With every question they answer on, students earn points that can add up pretty quickly. The great thing about points on is that they’re awarded for effort and are completely separate from student grades or ability level. This lets students at all levels get in on the action.

And as those points accumulate, students level up. Before you know it they’ve advanced from “novice” to “verbivore” to “lexicomaniac”, and beyond! Each student is always striving for a new personal best, which motivates them to keep practicing and to keep learning.

When students first start playing, they may get hooked because of the points and achievements they earn. But what’s even cooler is how quickly students get hooked on the even more rewarding experience of mastering new words.

As their vocabulary improves, kids become more confident readers, more fluent writers, and better test-takers. With, the motivation may start off as extrinsic, but it soon morphs into that intrinsic motivation that every educator wants to cultivate in their students.

Beat your personal best and propel your school to greatness.

Individual student achievements are just the start to gamification — we’ve integrated competition at multiple levels.

Each class you’re teaching gets its own leaderboard. Students can jockey for the most points among their peers. Class leaderboards reset every Monday, and show effort-based points, not grades or mastery. That way, everyone has a fair shot at the top slot for the week and there’s always another round just ahead.

Students are also playing for your school. Every word students master earns your school a point in our annual Vocabulary Bowl.

The Vocabulary Bowl

Finally, an academic competition for everyone.

When students master words, they earn points for their school in the Vocabulary Bowl, our North American word-learning competition. The official Vocabulary Bowl season runs from October through April and culminates in the crowning of national high school and middle school champions. We also recognize state and national champions each month, including the summer, so the playing and the learning can continue year-round.

If they’re enrolled, they’re in.

What makes the Vocabulary Bowl so special is that every student who plays and learns on is “on the team” for their school. If they’re enrolled, they’re in. It’s that simple.

We’ve structured the competition around including — not eliminating — more kids and more schools. And, because is adaptive, students play and learn at their own pace and level. You’ll see students of all abilities making real gains in terms of learning — while they’re making real contributions to your school’s Bowl rankings.

Dream big, start small.

The most successful schools in the Vocabulary bowl started small. Here’s a great way to get started: Start a vocabulary-day challenge at your school. Try to top your county's leaderboard for one day, then challenge your students to extend their streak.

Watch your school in real-time as it climbs our weekly and monthly overall and state leaderboards. Spend a little time in class checking out how your school and other schools in your area are doing. You’ll soon see how a little friendly rivalry can motivate your students to play, compete and learn.

Now it's time to set your sights a little higher, and get creative. Create a custom leaderboard, and challenge some local rivals to a school duel, vocabulary style. Can your school crack the top ten in your state for the month, and earn a badge for your school page on Can you make it all the way to number one on the overall words mastered rankings for a day? The Vocabulary Bowl’s multiple, customizable leaderboards make success attainable for any school, so you can harness the competitive drive in your students to motivate learning.

On, the more students play, the more they learn. As kids continually strive for their own personal bests, their individual gains contribute your school’s success, and everybody wins.

Principal Toliver challenged his school to a single vocabulary-day challenge. Students met that challenge and ran with it — overtaking 38,000 other schools nationwide to became our 2016-17 Vocabulary Bowl Middle School champions!
Ms. Campbell told her students she’d buy them pizza if her school went from 56th to the top 20 on the leaderboard. They became national champions. Read how “all-in” competition motivated her students to learn.
Principal Nance discusses how competing in the Vocabulary Bowl fits his school’s widespread efforts to cultivate a culture of academic excellence.